Automatic Balers ROTER RECYCLING "RA series" RA40.1 - RA70.1 - RA90.2 - RA140.2 - RA140.2H - RA140.2XL

The automatic balers ROTER RECYCLING "RA Series" are the best solution for scrap dealers but also for industries to directly manage the metal waste. These models are continuous-feed compacting balers, ideal to compact scrap metal from industrial processes: steel turnings, mixed scrap, tin cans, steel from recycled tires and so on.

The ROTER RECYCLINGautomatic balers process the metal waste in fully automated mode with a continuous cycle of baling and ejection. Automatic balers are able to compact the metal scraps into high-density bales, solving the problem of the metals disposal.

To find the automatic baler that best suits your needs, please contact the technical staff of ROTER RECYCLING using the form in the contact section.

video Baler RR5

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