Shear-balers for scrap metal RR series

ROTER RECYCLING "RR series" shear/balers for scrap metal are the best solution to compact and shearing all types of steel and ferrous and not ferrous metals.

They have a 550 tons cutting force for RR550.5 and RR550.6 models and  715 tons cutting force  for RR715.6 model  and are available  fixed and semi-mobile version. They are easily suitable to any yard, in fact the machines can be configured with several optional, in according to the customer  needs.

ROTER RECYCLING shear/balers are equipped with a diesel motor (electric motor on demand) and a radio remote control for  an optimal and comfortable use of the machine from remote position. The 7” colour Touch Screen panel allows the operator to control the parameters of the machine, and to plan   the processing of scrap metal.

A self-diagnostic system guides the operator in finding occurred faults. ROTER RECYCLING shear/balers series are equipped with auto shut-off security sequence which  is activated in case of alarms or anomalies that may compromise the safety of the operator or of the machine. It 's also available an alarms history database, and a working time database for a better planning of the maintenance. All parts are easily reachable for quick and easy maintenance operations.


  • Electric Motor 1 x 90 Kw
  • Hydraulic lifting legs
  • Precharge Table
  • Crane with operator cabin
  • Grapple with rotator (250/280/300 lts)
  • Operator cabin
  • Cabin heating
  • Cabin air conditioner
  • Preheating Hydraulic oil
  • Preheating engine
  • Personalized colour
  • Manuals in language









video Baler RR5

Click here to watch Shear-Baler RR550.6