ROTER Becomes 4.0 and increases CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE!

The Transition 4.0 Plan replaces the previous Impresa 4.0 and Industria 4.0.

It consists of a single measure, with different rates for different categories of goods.

The new tax credit under the Transition 4.0 Plan replaces the measures available until last year, including hyper and super depreciation


The main innovations, relating to investments in tangible and/or intangible assets, new, instrumental to the exercise of business, valid retroactively for investments made from 16/11/2020, introduced by the New National Plan Transition 4.0 and became operational following the publication in the Official Gazette of 30/12/2020 of the Budget Law 2021, are:


Greater tax advantages

ORDINARY MATERIAL GOODS: immediate offsetting is allowed (starting from the year in which the good becomes operational) of the credit related to investments in capital goods;
MATERIAL GOODS (Industry 4.0): immediate offsetting is allowed (starting from the year in which the asset is interconnected) of the credit relating to investments in capital goods;
For all tax credits on tangible capital goods, the use of the credits is reduced to 3 years instead of the 5 years envisaged by previous legislation.

Increased ceilings and rates

ORDINARY MATERIAL GOODS: For expenses of up to 1 million euros: new rate of 10% in 2021;
INDUSTRY 4.0 MATERIAL GOODS (i.e. falling within those indicated in Annexes A and B to Law no. 232-2016): For expenditures of less than €2.5 million: new rate at 50% in 2021 and 40% in 2022.
Industry 4.0, in addition to the economic advantage given by the tax credit, will improve the way of working, through a series of technologies that not only meet technical needs, but primarily offer high-performance and advantageous products that streamline operations in the field.

In order to apply the hyper amortization, our machinery, ed in the final production cycle, must have 5 characteristics:

Control by means of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and/or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller);
Interconnection to factory computer systems with remote loading of instructions and/or part programs;
Automated integration with the logistic system of the factory or with the supply network and/or with other machines of the production cycle;
Simple and intuitive interface between man and machine; ROTER RECYCLING shear baler is equipped with a hardware system of interface with the operator, which allows a continuous monitoring and control of the machine. In particular, through the standard color touchscreen graphic display, the operator is able to view, monitor and interact in a simple and intuitive way with the machine, allowing him, for example, to check the progress of the processing, load and give the processes to be performed, view the alarms and test the hardware components of the press.
Compliance with the latest parameters of safety, health and hygiene at work.

Moreover, they are equipped with the following additional features to make them assimilable or integrable to cyber-physical systems:

Remote maintenance and/or remote diagnostics and/or remote control systems;
Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters by means of appropriate sets of sensors
Possibility of future "on line" customization
Possibility of "live" guided remote assistance through mobile viewer.

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